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Haven’t been blogging much lately, as you may have noticed. Odd that after several months of not blogging, the first thing I write about is the reasons why I haven’t been blogging. Truth is, there really aren’t any. I use the blog as an outlet when I have something on my mind. I don’t know if my mind has been especially void of deep thoughts for the last couple of months, or if things have just been extra busy to the point that I haven’t had time for serious retrospection.

            It HAS been busy. We’ve been trying to wrap up the school year (difficult when we practically school year-round), we renovated a bathroom, I went toLouisianawith the children for a week, and celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom (as an extra –special treat!). I went part-time at work, which means we’re broke, but happy. One night less per week gives me back two days, and makes a huge difference in how I feel about life, love, and the universe in general. I wasn’t complaining, but it was hard working full-time and juggling homeschool and caring for a house and a family.

            Don’t get me wrong. I have been thinking. This Curlett brain is never idle. I’ve planned new projects, examined the motivations behind my prayers, started spending a lot of time in James 1….I just haven’t felt like writing about it. What does that mean, do you think? But I miss it. So, I’m starting again. Be prepared!


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