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I dream a lot. I mean, A LOT. Good dreams, bad dreams, wonderful dreams, nightmares. Scientists tell us that we only dream in the last remaining moments before we awaken – if that be the case, I must be a very light sleeper, awakening frequently in the night.

I’ve been thinking about dreams. In my dreams I can swim, and fly. (I can’t do either of those things in real life!) I thought everyone dreamed about flying…turns out that they don’t. In fact, I don’t think many people dream they can fly. I’ve only met one other person who has “flying” dreams. I love those. They’re my favorite.
The swimming dreams aren’t so surprising. I can’t swim in real life, and have always had a fear of something terrible happening because I can’t swim. I need to learn.

Ever had a dream change how you look at someone? It’s a peculiar feeling to dream about someone that you don’t know well or someone you think you have all figured out, only to have your perceptions altered by a dream…Is this reliable? Does your subconscious get a better feeling of a person than your conscious mind?

Its interesting to me how your subconscious sees things differently than real life. For example, I know what my workplace looks like. Yet, when I dream about work, it is different. It’s different most of the time even from the last time I dreamt about it. Why doesn’t my subconscious see it the same way my eyes do? This isn’t consistent, either. My memories of my high school are very vivid, and in the dreams it looks the same as it was, all the time. Which brings me to another thought…

The memories from my teenage years are so over-represented in my dreams. What is it about that time of my life that etched such deep grooves in my subconscious that I dream about it more than anything else? Very little of that time of my life is still with me – I live in a different country, with different people, in a different climate – nothing is the same! I never see any of the people that I dream of – why do I dream about them so much? My only theory is that teenagers are in such hyper states of growth and emotional upheaval that things make a deeper impact on their subconscious, even though they are transient.

My husband and I have often talked of morality in dreams. Interestingly enough, the same moral code that guides in life exists and reigns when I’m dreaming. I have decided that this is a good thing. To me, it is an indication that my belief system is more than skin deep. It’s something that is still at work even when I’m not consciously deciding. The consequences of stepping outside this code in my dreams are always so horrendous that it reinforces the belief system even more. Ever had one of those dreams where you wake up and are immensely relieved to find out that it wasn’t true…that you hadn’t done ________?!

I’m not really attempting a point in this blog…just thinking out loud. Do you dream a lot? What about? Can you fly in YOUR dreams?


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Okay, folks, it’s still here for a while. Even in East Tennessee, snowstorms could potentially abound. I find it amusing to see all the people who were rhapsodizing about snow six weeks ago now act as though winter is agony.

I get it. I know. I lived farther north than most people even know exists for the first 23 years of my life. I tease my husband that I married the first man from a warmer climate who proposed. I don’t love winter. I hate being cold.  But I’ve recognized a couple of things:

It takes a winter to appreciate spring.
It takes winter to make the year feel complete.
Winter lasts a few months. So it’s no use to gripe about it when it isn’t over by January 3rd.

In the light of these revelations, I have made a list of a few reasons to like winter…just to remind you…and maybe to help you get through til spring! Make these your mantra for the next few weeks, and spring will be here before you know it…

  • There are no bugs in the winter time. This is a big issue here where we have large spiders, mosquitoes, and Japanese beetles. Remind yourself how frustrating it is when you’re trying to kill those crazy beetles before they eat all your roses in the summer, and take a few minutes to appreciate the “no bug” season.
  •   Black turtlenecks. Oh my. What would a year with no black turtlenecks look like?
  • Hot chocolate. Say what you like, it’s just not the same to drink hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows, of course) in the summer time.
  •   Flannel sheets. So cozy!
  •  Fires in the fireplace. Nothing better than to snuggle up to the fireplace in a black turtleneck and sip a hot chocolate while enjoying the “no bugs” time of year.
  •   Snow! I know it’s messy and causes wrecks and thing like that, but there’s nothing prettier than big white flakes floating down…and the kids (and grown-up kids) have such fun!
  •   Soup. Just can’t rustle up any enthusiasm for white chicken chili in the summer, you know! But we enjoy hearty soups so much during this time of year!
  •  Christmas, of course! (I know it’s past, but it IS a valid reason to enjoy winter!)
  •  Having time for indoor pursuits. In the summer, we spend a lot of time outside. That means it’s not a good time for sewing, board games, or cleaning out closets. That’s what winter is for! Winter helps me get caught up on things in the house that need my attention. January and February are the months that I most enjoy renovating or redecorating inside my house. Try it! You’ll like it!

My point is this. Every season has its down side, for a purpose! It’s to make you enjoy the next season. By the time spring arrives, I will be longing for it, too… Still, you can easily waste your life looking ahead rather than enjoying the present….

So, if you’re struggling with the thought of a few more weeks of winter, here are my suggestions to you:
Go to the grocery store and buy some narcissus, tulips, or some bulbs to force indoors. They will remind you that spring WILL come. While you’re at the grocery store, buy some hot chocolate and some popcorn. Come home, make a pot of soup, put on a black turtleneck and a big silver bracelet, then curl up by the fire with your library book and some hot chocolate…and enjoy what’s left of winter!

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