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Of Angels…

The children were watching an animated retelling of the Nativity last night, and as the angels were singing in the sky, I started wondering….

What about these angels? We know from the actions of Lucifer back in the beginning that angels have the powers of premeditation, of initiative, of action…for he used all these things for evil.

Do you think these angels were commanded to sing that night? Or do you think they were using their powers of initiative and action for something glorious? I think they were compelled to praise that night, for although they have no need of salvation, per se, they would have had the knowledge of what the birth of Christ meant for the world. I don’t know for sure that they weren’t commanded to go and tell the world that something magnificent had happened, but it seems to me that it would have been hard for them to stay where they were when they would have been so excited about this great beginning….

In 1962, William Branham made this statement in a sermon entitled The Reproach for the Cause of the Word, “Angels was at His birth. How the Angels must have looked down and rejoiced, when they looked down on the manger and seen God incarnate. Amen. It ain’t no wonder they begin to scream, “Today, in the city of David, is born Christ the Saviour.” Angels rejoiced, and they swung their big wings together, and over the hills of Judaea, they sang, “Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, and good will to man.” They seen God’s Word, that they watched over It, to see It manifested. And there It was.”


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This World is not Conclusion-

A Species stands beyond-

Invisible, as Music-

But positive, as Sound-

It beckons, and it baffles-

Philosophy-don’t know-

And through a Riddle, at the last-

Sagacity, must go-

To guess it, puzzles scholars-

To gain it, Men have borne

Contempt of Generations

And Crucifixion, shown-

Faith slips-and laughs, and rallies-

Blushes, if any see-

Plucks at a twig of Evidence-

And asks a Vane, the way-

Much Gesture, from the Pulpit-

Strong Hallelujahs roll-

Narcotics cannot still the Tooth

That nibbles at the soul-

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Had an intense dream the other night about the Maldives. I have no idea what triggered it…but when I logged onto my computer the next day I noticed that the background of my search engine was a picture of an emerald green island in an aqua sea – maybe my subconscious had noticed something that I had missed!

The Maldives, a series of 1200 islands, sit on the equator in the Indian Ocean (translation: flights to the Maldives are exorbitant).

Look, how lovely! I hope I get to see them sometime…

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