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Calm My Anxious Heart – Linda Dillow

This is a wonderful book about not worrying. I find the need to read it about twice a year!

Hinds Feet on High Places  – Hannah Hurnard

This is a Christian classic chronicling the journey of Much-Afraid to the High Places – it is a beautiful picture of many phases of the Christian walk….the visions of her walking with Sorrow and Suffering, her God-given companions, have stuck with me for years.

Magnificent Obsession/ Dr.Hudson’s Secret Journal –  Lloyd Douglas

EVERYONE should read these books.  I think of Lloyd Douglas as the originator of the “pay it forward” movement, and the theme of these books comes straight from Matthew 6. There is a great secret here.

Intimate Issues – Linda Dillow

You’ll notice more than one Linda Dillow book on this list. I cannot speak highly enough of this woman’s books – a missionary’s wife, she is a rock of common sense who never departs from scripture. She doesn’t make things up from the top of her head, and her books are sound. This one is about the Christian woman in the bedroom, and I HIGHLY recommend it. If you read no other book on the issue, read this one.

Creative Counterpart –  Linda Dillow

Yet another prizewinner from Linda Dillow, this book is about being the right kind of wife. Read these books, ladies! They will change your lives!

101 Devotions for Homeschooling Moms – Jackie Wellwood

Okay, this one mainly applies to homeschooling moms, but  it has gotten me through some tough times. Just knowing that another mom has been right where you are  is very helpful. These devotions are very short, but extremely worthwhile.

Created to be His Helpmeet – Debi Pearl

I recommend this book with a caveat. Debi Pearl is definitely an extremist, but there is a whole lot in this book that we all need to hear. So, read it. Pray over it. Make your husband a happy man.



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