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Been thinking about sacrifice a lot these days. I work on an obstetrical unit, and see a lot of new moms and babies. While I don’t want to come across as judgmental, what I see far too often worries me greatly. Many of these new moms are so focused on themselves that they cannot make the earliest sacrifices for the new child they have brought into the world…sacrifices like just holding it when it wants to be held, or feeding it when it needs/wants to be fed. Most won’t make it through the first day of breastfeeding – the discomfort, the work of learning, all these things require too much of them, and they refuse to make the sacrifices necessary…what kind of a future will these kids have?

When you are a wife and mother, most days, you are making constant sacrifices… giving up what what you would like to do for what needs to be done. I walked into a patient’s room tonight, an older lady, who had brought two books to the hospital for her stay that would be less than twenty-four hours. We got to talking about reading, and she asked if I liked to read. “Yes,” I replied, very wistfully, “but I don’t have the time for it right now.” Fact is, I do have a book in my bag, but it’s one my daughter wants to read, and I need to read it to approve it for her…even the book I brought to read is a sacrifice of my oh-so-precious and rare reading time.

I would love to go to a Christian concert in our area two nights from now. But I don’t have great options for babysitting, and right now with root canals for the daughter, tuition, and homeschooling books to pay for, the splurge is just more than I can justify….another sacrifice.

School starts in a few weeks, and I’ll be honest, I’m dreading it a little. I thoroughly enjoy homeschooling my children, but the pace is frantic with a baby, homeschooling, church, and work. I love having a bit of time during the summer to ┬áspend time with the kids and accomplish some housework without having 17 other demands on every second. Not sure what can be done about it – the only answer is the passage of time.

The point is, I’ve realized that I’m in the years of sacrifice. My sleep, my time, my body, my money – these things are all up for grabs. And there are multiple hands grabbing….. yet would I trade it? Nope.

The way I see it, it’s just a phase. I refuse to mourn the loss of these things…they will all come back to me in time. One day I will have time to read, full nights of sleep, and ready money. ┬áBut I won’t mourn the changes that bring me those things when they come, either…..

For what is my alternative? Great nights sleep means no sweet baby babbling in his crib early in the morning, or no sleepy boy coming to me with his bad dreams. Time to read means no kids to read to anymore, no books to approve to ensure that my teenage daughter’s mind is filled with mostly good things…for someone my age to have the time to do all the things they would like to do – that means they have no PEOPLE demanding their time.

So, I’m enjoying it….and on the days that feel a little more sacrificial than is comfortable, I try to relish the small pleasures – a good cup of coffee, a few quiet moments at work to look at photos of places I’d like to go one day, while realizing that putting in my years of sacrifice now will pay off in great rewards in the years to come…and the pastimes I anticipate having more time to enjoy will feel more rich for the waiting…


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