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You know, some things are just too personal to talk about. Talking about them cheapens them. Sometimes the Lord does something so precious for you, and when you try and tell someone about it, it just comes out sounding lame.  A personal pet peeve of mine is when someone posts something overly spiritual in their facebook status – the same place we talk about the commonplace and the frivolous. It just loses all its impact when it’s placed in a status line.

So is it with the relationship between a husband and a wife. Some things are just too personal to talk about, and talking about them cheapens them. You just can’t explain some things.

There is most certainly a time and a place for sharing something that God has done for you. But those secret things that He does for you, the ones that  impact you on the deepest level…those are for you and Him alone. They’re sacred. So, don’t try to explain them, or even talk about them. They make up your secret relationship with Him.

Note: I love this thought expressed by St.John of the Cross in his poem “Dark Night of the Soul” in all its translations, and sung beautifully in two different versions, by Loreena McKennitt and Steve Bell.


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Been hearing and reading about the Tennessee mom who put her Russian adopted son, age 7, on an airplane for Russia with a note in his pocket saying that his psychological condition had been misrepresented to her, and that she wanted to return him to his country of origin.

Now, I realize that this issue, like every other, is complex. But I have a couple of things to say about it. First, you don’t return a kid the same way you return a flawed  item to Walmart. I don’t care WHAT is going on. Children don’t come with reciepts and money-back guarantees.

Secondly, adopting a child of any age from anywhere has its inherent risks. The older the child, the more likely that psychological issues may be substantial…children need security and love, and when they’ve been through any sort of system that resulted in the need for adoption, chances are that both securty and love have been more than scarce, replaced by insecurity and abandonment.  Thus, when you sign on the dotted line to adopt a child, you MUST be prepared to deal with what may come, no matter if the orphanage was totally forthcoming about the child’s condition or not. 

My heart just breaks for this poor kid – this latest development in the pitiable story that comprises his life will only augment his psychological issues.

No offense meant to this Tennessee mom who may have spent a goodly portion of her life savings on obtaining this child, and invested the last year of her life, but I repeat, children are not goods. No doubt the agency screens parents as well, but this is just not rational behavior. What was she thinking???

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